Dance workshop “Hip Hop- Attitude”

A workshop led by Yves Mwamba, showcasing Hip Hop’s various moves, steps and attitudes.

The students of the Jacqueline de Romilly middle school are lucky enough to imagine a choreography together under the direction of a professional dancer and choreographer. They express their individual creativity during battles, using their own steps and moves.

This workshop was organised as part of the Seine-Saint-Denis department’s “Culture et Art au Collège” initiative


« Temporéel » is a series of three episodes that tells the past and future of the Alfred Costes high-school in Bobigny. This experimental short film was made by a group of students specialised in graphic production, using different techniques. The students worked on the subject of their high-school from an architectural and geographical point of view. Taking material that they collected (images from archives) and made (images and sounds collected around the school), they invented a science-fiction, a trip around their photomontages.

« Temporéel » was produced by Aurélie Haberey and Élise Picon for Belladone’s « Charivari au bahut » initiative, and was supported by the « Programme d’Education Artistique et Culturelle (PEAC) » initiative of the île de France region.

In my head

A mic wired inside the mind of a group of high-school students helps us hear their internal voices while they roam around the building, shedding light on their fears, dilemmas, doubts, desires, disillusions and magical thinking.

A sound creation written and created by a group of high school students in the professional high-school Alfred Costes in Bobigny and produced by Belladone under the direction of Elise Picon et Mathilde Guermonprez.

Our thanks to Elenn Mouazan and Ludovic Le Guillou.

With the support of Région Île-de-France, and the « Programme d’Education Artistique et Culturelle (PEAC) » initiative.


Two groups of young people receive unexpected text messages from a stranger. Haunted by mysterious disappearance, the teens decide to roam around the concrete labyrinth in search of the text’s author. We helped a group of 15 teens direct this short film inspired by the neighbourhood, in partnership with the Gut Toffoletti centre. They imagined the plot, learned to use the cameras, to film and be filmed, and worked around the perception of their neighbourhood through the editing process.

This project was supported by the ministry of Culture (with the “Culture et lien social” initiative) and by “Agir In Seine-Saint-Denis ».

Le serpent de Montreuil

Discover “Le serpent de Montreuil”, a fictional podcast made by the students of the Colonel Fabien middle school in Montreuil. The inhabitants of Montreuil have seen strange happenings: we follow the investigations of journalists, detectives and specialists in this riveting tale.