Les Ruffins, Les Morillons et nous


“Les Ruffins, les Morillons et nous” is a documentary made by the students of the George Politzer middle-school in Montreuil. The students and inhabitants of the Ruffins and Morillons neighbourhoods were encouraged to tell their versions of what these places mean to them. They tell us which places make up their everyday lives and which don’t.

What images and what representations do these inhabitants hold of these neighbourhood, of Montreuil as a whole and even of Paris ? Interviewed by the students, each was encouraged to tell a personal anecdote linked to their lives in the neighbourhood.

This workshop was led by Marjolaine Normier, and was part of the cursus « parcours Culture et Art au Collège », an initiative of the Seine-Saint-Denis department.



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October 18, 2022

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